We are aware that our strength lies in the human factor. KennisTranslations was founded by people with over 200 years of accumulated experience in the field of translation.

KennisTranslations is a company that was founded with wholly independent capital. All of the shareholders are members and colleagues of the company, performing functions which contribute to our strength and growth in the market in alignment with our mission, vision and values.

Meet some of our partners

Alzira Arouca

Ana Alves

Ana Yokochi

André Oliveira

André Saint-Maurice

Carina Ribeiro

Daniela Canio

Enrique Granados

Galina Mitrohovitch

João Vilhena

José Oliveira

Kerstin Wirnshofer

Lein Zoeten

Luísa Yokochi

Luzia Valentim

Marietheres Somborn

Marina Roger

Mario Reis

Sandra Laranjeiro

Sean Linney

Sophie Enderlin



Whatever the means, always direct, clear and honest


Commitment and dedication to reaching our common goals


For building trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships


Creating synergies between our members from all over the world


Giving the best of ourselves in everything we do


Being accountable for all actions, both towards oneself and towards others

Personal Growth

Adding value to the world by developing ourselves and others