Our philosophy is based on creating and making available the means and resources that our members need to acquire the skills to become the owners of their own “GuildPartner” business, maintaining the association that lends them continuous support in managing their business and determining their specialist activities.

Philosophy and basic principles

To contribute to the creation of an organised market in the translation field.

To help all of our members to grow and develop their careers, giving them the chance, from a certain level, to own their own businesses, while maintaining the association with KennisTranslations.

To ensure that good business practices are established between members of KennisTranslations and their clients.

To apply our quality system rigorously as a way of maintaining our clients’ satisfaction.

To provide excellent services in the field of translations and revisions in any language.

Career Model


Level 0-1


Level 2-3

Guild Partner

Level 3

Guild Partner

Level 4

Star Partner

Level 5


Work methodology

is transmitted to each member during the initial training period and in subsequent training sessions, provided that career development has taken place. When performing their activities, members are supervised by another more experienced member who helps them to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability and in line with recommended working methods.

Operational level

attention is paid to methodologies used to manage and plan work and to carry out translations and revisions in line with the quality and certification requirements recommended by KennisTranslations.

Business management level

Our members will be guided through these methodologies when managing their businesses, with a view to making them increasingly profitable and winning more clients, with business techniques enhanced by association with KennisTranslations and the quality of the services provided.

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